About Us

Your Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative providing the best service to our most important assets – our members! You are the owners of the Spirit of America Federal Credit Union and we exist only because of you.  

Founding Principles That Guide Your Nebraska Credit Union

  1. Credit Union Philosophy

    Credit Unions were born from hard times…when an individual stood almost no chance to secure a small loan or financial assistance.

    Credit Unions were founded to help people help themselves. Our Nebraska pioneers staked their claims in our state and founded our credit unions alongside their business or church or community. This principle of self-help and people helping people is the foundation of all credit unions.

    Credit unions are not-for-profit cooperatives, formed, owned and operated for a single purpose: To help members help one another financially.

    Credit unions are people-motivated, not profit-motivated. Your credit union returns its surplus to its members through dividends or improved services.

  2. Credit Union Membership

    Credit unions are the only financial institution organized around a common bond. Membership in a credit union is open and voluntary to all within the accepted bond of membership.

  3. Service to Members

    Credit Union services are designed to improve the economic well-being of members. To encourage thrift through savings and then to provide loans, a fair rate of interest is paid within the capability of the credit union.

    The surplus from operations is returned to the members in the form of better dividends or improved services.

    Credit unions actively promote the education of their members in thrift, the wise use of credit and self-help financial advice.

  4. Credit Union Ownership

    You, as a member, own your credit union. As a part owner, you have the opportunity to participate in a “One Member, One Vote” election for the Board of Directors that oversees credit union operations and policies.

    As a member/owner, you have a voice in how your credit union operates. By being a member, you take control of your financial future as well as that of your credit union.

  5. Credit Union Safety

    Credit unions are backed by the strongest federal insurance fund. Your credit union deposits are insured by the National Credit Union Administration, an agency of the federal government. Credit unions built their insurance fund with credit union money – not a single dime of taxpayer or federal assistance has built this security.


    Certificate of Ownership

Rites of Ownership
In Your Credit Union

You are part-owner of your credit union. As a member/owner, you enjoy the same equal rights as your fellow member/owners:

To save, where you know your savings are safe and sound, so that fellow members can borrow.

To borrow, at a reasonable rate, because your fellow members have supported the credit union principle of people pooling their resources to help one another.

To become financially independent, because your credit union is dedicated to offering self-help education to benefit your well-being and quality of life.

To exercise the equality of “One Member, One Vote” in selecting your Credit Union Board of Directors who set the policies of your credit union.